Thursday, February 13, 2020

2020 GHS Intramural Volleyball game schedule

Monday, February 24, 2020

Court 1                                                                                 Court 2

2:20- Iron Curtain vs. Italian Stallions                 Disaster Drill vs. Average Joes
2:40- The Freezers vs. Notorious FC                  Devil Dogs vs. Scared Hitless
3:00- Average Joes vs. Italian Stallions               SWAT Team vs. Empire Spikes Back
3:20- I'D Hit That vs. The Freezers                     Sneak Attack vs. Notorious FC

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Court 1                                                                                 Court 2

2:20- Notorious FC vs. Disaster Drill                   I'd Hit That vs. Sneak Attack
2:40- The Freezers vs. Average Joes                     Empire Spikes Back vs. Italian Stallions
3:00- Iron Curtain vs. Scared Hitless                    SWAT Team vs. Devil Dogs
3:20- Sneak Attack vs. Scared Hitless                  Empire Spikes Back vs. I'd Hit That         

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Court 1                                                                                 Court 2

2:20- Sneak Attack vs. The Freezers                      Italian Stallions vs. Disaster Drill
2:40- Iron Curtain vs. SWAT Team                        Devil Dogs vs. Disaster Drill
3:00- Iron Curtain vs. Notorious FC                      Scared Hitless vs. Empire Spikes Back
3:20- SWAT Team vs. Average Joes                      I'd Hit That vs. Devil Dogs

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Court 1                                                                                 Court 2

2:20- Disaster Drill vs. I'd Hit That                        Average Joes vs. Scared Hitless
2:40- Iron Curtain vs. The Freezers                       Devil Dogs vs. Italian Stallions
3:00- Notorious FC vs. SWAT Team                     Empire Spikes Back vs. Devil Dogs
3:20- Average Joes vs. I'd Hit That                        Italian Stallions vs. Sneak Attack

Friday, February 28, 2020

Court 1                                                                                 Court 2

2:20- Disaster Drill vs. Scared Hitless                   Sneak Attack vs. Average Joes                     
2:40- Iron Curtain vs. Disaster Drill                       Italian Stallions vs. SWAT Team
3:00- Iron Curtain vs. Empire Spikes Back            The Freezers vs. Scared Hitless
3:20- Notorious FC vs. I'd Hit That                        The Freezers vs. Devil Dogs

Monday, March 2, 2020

Court 1                                                                                 Court 2

2:20- Disaster Drill vs. SWAT Team                       Devil Dogs vs. Sneak Attack
2:40- The Freezers vs. Italian Stallions                    Empire Spikes Back vs. Notorious FC
3:00- SWAT Team vs. Sneak Attack                       I'd Hit That vs. Iron Curtain
3:20- Average Joes vs. Empire Spikes Back            Notorious FC vs. Scared Hitless

Tuesday, March 3, 2020- No games- MA Democratic Primary

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Court 1                                                                                 Court 2

2:20- Devil Dogs vs. Notorious FC                          The Freezers vs. Disaster Drill
2:40- Italian Stallions vs. Scared Hitless                   Empire Spikes Back vs. Sneak Attack
3:00- Iron Curtain vs. Average Joes                          I'd Hit That vs. SWAT Team

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Court 1                                                                                 Court 2

2:20- Disaster Drill vs. Empire Spikes Back              Iron Curtain vs. Sneak Attack
2:40- Devil Dogs vs. Average Joes                            Italian Stallions vs. Notorious FC
3:00- I'd Hit That vs. Scared Hitless                           SWAT Team vs. The Freezers

Friday, March 6, 2020

Court 1                                                                                 Court 2

2:20- Sneak Attack vs. Disaster Drill                          The Freezers vs. Empire Spikes Back
2:40- Notorious FC vs. Average Joes                          SWAT Team vs. Scared Hitless
3:00- Iron Curtain vs. Devil Dogs                               Italian Stallions vs. I'd Hit That

Monday, March 9, 2020- Double elimination tournament begins.  Brackets will be posted after completion of games 3/6.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020- No games- Staff meeting

Wednesday, March 11, 2020- No games- College and Career Fair

Thursday, March 12, 2020- Double elimination tournament continues (see bracket)

Friday, March 13, 2020- Double elimination tournament concluded (see bracket)

2020 squads and preseason power rankings

1. Iron Curtain- I'm putting the returning champs #1.  Mr. Unis lost all of his seniors from last year but he stacked the team with hungry players in order to try to keep the crown.  They added Mr. Conigliari on his first day of employment too.  He is a former champion and tournament MVP.  Let's all hope they cannot get him the ball.

Mohammad (C)
Mr. Unis
Ben Ren
Sam Ciolino
Kennedy Rounds
Ella DGB
Mr. Conigliari

2. Devil Dogs- Last year's undefeated regular season champs and tournament runners up are the preseason #2 ranking.  They gained some talented females, a top freshman and a 6 Foot 9 Gentle Giant.  If they get hot, they are tough to beat.

MSGT DuBose (C)
Mr. Silveria
Mr. Watson
Ms. Boardway
Jayden DelTorchio
Taniya Wongus
Kayla Calomo
Darcy Muller

3. Average Joes- P. Cook broke off Devil Dogs to form his own crew taking a chance on some sophomores.  Big free agent acquisitions Dylan Orlando and Daylon Lark make this team a contender.  They are coming for you.  The best setter in the league will be setting P. Cook up with tasty morsels.  Best jerseys in the tournament anyway.

Dylan Orlando (C)
Mr. P. Cook
Ms. Lowthers
Ms. Williamson
Jeovanna Miranda
Daylon Lark
Massimo Mogetta

4. The Notorious F.C.- Daniel built this team for the last 5 months.  He already has my vote for GM of the year. If they can set Mr. Santos, he will throw down!  Do they have "black holes" though? A "Black Hole" is when you hit to someone and they never hit it back.

Daniel Sesam (C)
Mr. Santos
Ms. Giordano
Dolfi Santa
Haily Shea
Christian Immanuel
Yonatan M.
Cmely Shea

5. The Italian Stallions-  This team will make a surprise run as long as Andrea doesn't ruin it.  Will Monty learn how to play aggressive?  Mr. Linehan is a competitor.  Sleeper pick here.

Andrea Dimino (C)
Mr. Linehan
Marcus Montagnino
Richard Jabba
Lauren Alves
Ethian Rodriguez
Deven Lichtenwald

6. I'd Hit That- They are athletes, but can they play volleyball specifically?  It was the first time EJ Field ever got something in on time when Evan turned the form in for him.  Gentile can play.  He got a haircut so he can see.  Costanzo did not get a hair cut.  Visibility limited.  Machado cannot write in full sentences, but she can communicate in brief fragments.  The average height of Abreu and Salah comes out to average height.

Evan Smith (C)
EJ Field (A)
Mr. Gentile
Jack Constanzo
Jeremy Abreu
Mia Salah
Maddy Machado

7. Scared Hitless- Try to keep a straight face against this team.  They may make people laugh so much that they will sneak some points in.  Their best players are in a sling and used to be in a sling.

Toby Campbell (C)
Mr. Kennedy
Julianna Bolognese
Jake Enos
Max Allen
Josh Figurido
Avery Emerson
Kylie Jackson
Connor Vittands
Emmanuel Ishimwe
Rumi Thomas
Emmett Caldwell

8. SWAT Team- I so badly wanted to call this team "Track Meat" but they came up with a name in the 11th hour.  I still think they are dead meat.  Target practice.  Duck and cover.

Andrew Coelho (C)
Mr. Coleman
Harrison Pelosi
Graci O'Toole
Willow Phoenix
Lila Olson
Aidan Almeida
Daniel Hafey
Kai DeGuzman
Luke Walkama
Max Sperry

9. The Freezers- No props for this squad because they are first time tournament goers.  Maybe they will gain respect through their play.  Word is Schuster can play.

Neville Clancy (C)
Aidan Cornetta (C)
Ms. Mochowski
Robert Schuster
Jack Patten
Jenna Smith
Gaby Olsen
Zachary Oliver
Brady Lattanzi

10. The Empire Spikes Back- This team is going to have fun.  Fun is important.  Can they win some games?  We will see.

Jacob McCollum (C)
Ms. Trigilio
Anthony Rizzo
Jacob Mortillaro
Ella Marshall
Quinten Ulrich
Aidan Donald
Julia Harrison
Alli Smith

11. Sneak Attack- Mr. Kobs can hit the tricky shots and in the clutch too.  You will see.  If they can get him to come enough, this team can do damage.  That means don't get in trouble and he will have time to come down.

Abdi Bartolon (C)
Robby Mugabe (A)
Mr. Kobs
Officer Scola
Patrick Broe
Mr. "Maddog" Maddalena
Kyla Snell
Jenna Hoofnagle
Vivian Marchant
Lily Muniz
Kira Berlin

12. Disaster Drill- I will be shocked if this team wins a game.  They did pay in full first of all teams.  That is why they are OK in my book.  Are they OK at volleyball though?  No.  Not good.

Josh Concurs (C)
Ms. McGlynn
Ms. Tarr
Katelyn Chinault
Paige Marshall
Cullin McCormack
Brandon San Augustin
Thomas Bernard
Kailyn Battle
Ms. Walsh (Smith)

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

League rules- Captain's must read and know

Captain’s Sheet- Captains are responsible to get their teams to understand all of this.  Teams will be held to these rules and policies.

Team fee ($50) must be in by Friday, February 14, 2020. Failure to turn in fee will result in team's disqualification. Also, any team that forfeits more than 3 games will be barred from tournament.

Team rosters will be frozen after games on Friday, March 6. No additions to rosters can be made after that date. You cannot add players to your roster who are on another roster. You may need to add players before the deadline when you see who shows up and who doesn't.

Make sure you have enough boys and girls to sport a team every day. Only players on your roster will be allowed to play for your team.  Using players from another team will result in a forfeit.

Teams that play the first game will be responsible for setting up nets. Teams playing last games will be responsible for taking nets down.

The website will have game schedules and court availability.  Check the website every day in order to be aware of rules, news, etc.
Your game starts right after the completion of the prior game.  The time on the schedule is the schedule, but be ready early if we are ahead of schedule. Be ready for your game to start early.  Failure to be present when the prior game ends results in forfeit.

Teams may ask anyone to referee a game as long as both teams agree. Teachers are the best choice. Everyone else should NOT shout "carry" or "net" because we do not want players to unnecessarily stop playing.

Referee's call is final. In the tournament all games will have a ref. Is there is no ref- honor code.

Matching team shirts are optional.

Ask for clarification on a rule if you do not understand the rules explanations here or when you see the rule in action.  Some teams do not read the rules here and then act surprised when called out by a teacher or experienced player.  Read these rules below and try to understand them!

  • Rally score games to 25
  • 3 hits per side and use them
  • Blocks do not count as hits.  Even the person who blocks can hit right after that.  Otherwise double hits are illegal
  • Blocking a serve is illegal.
  • Kicking the ball is legal
  • Play the ball off the net.  The net is live even with serves
  • No foul language
  • No taunting
  • The line is in
  • Stepping on the line or over the line on a serve is a service error
  • Overhand or underhand serves are legal
  • Spiking from the back line is legal only if the hitter leaves their feet before stepping over the middle line.
  • Teams must rotate properly
  • Basketball hoops that are stuck down are played as dead every time if it hits the hoop. Take point over if the ball looked like it was going in and the team that hit the hoop loses the point if the ball was going out.
  • You can play the ball off the following things on your own side, but you cannot hit it off these if it redirects to the other side
    • partition
    • other foreign objects
  • No carrying
    • Ref’s call regardless
    • No open hands can be used on low hits unless the hit is "crisp"
    • On high hits the ball cannot be “palmed” or “thrown”, it must be “hit”
    • Hitting over the net must be where your shoulders are square to

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Intramural Volleyball is back! Spread the word

Coed Intramural Volleyball
February 24- March 12, 2020
  • Get your friends together for your own team.
  • Teams will consist of 7-10 players.
  • At least 3 boys, at least 3 girls.
  • You must have 2 boys and 2 girls on the court at all times.
  • The rest is up to you.
  • If only 1 girl is present, teams have to play as 4 and not six. No girls disqualifies your team from play.
  • All teams must have a teacher on the roster as a player or sponsor.
  • Students from all grades are invited.
  • $50 per team- This buys prizes and shirts for 1st and 2nd place teams.
  • Deadline to get a team in is Thursday, February 13 at 2:07  
Anyone interested should see Mr. P. Cook in Room 2216 before February 13, 2020